Litania Loretańska do Najświętszej Maryi Panny

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Father’s Day Prayer

God our Father,

you govern and protect your people

and shepherd them with a father’s love.

You place a father in a family as a sign

of your love, care, and constant protection.

May fathers everywhere be faithful to the

example shown in the Scriptures: steadfast

in love, forgiving transgressions, sustaining

the family, caring for those in need.

Give your wisdom to fathers

that they may encourage and guide their children.

Keep them healthy so they may support a family.

Guide every father with the Spirit of your love

that they may grow in holiness

and draw their family ever closer to you.


Prayer for Mothers

Dear God,

on this day that we honor mothers,

may we draw strength

from the mothers who went before us.

May we remember Jochebed, mother of Moses,

who gave her son over to God’s providence

when forces that threatened him

were beyond her control.

May we remember the mother of Mary, St. Anne,

who helped her daughter learn

an openness to God’s will.

May we remember St. Monica, who suffered

an abusive spouse and her son’s poor choices,

but lived to see her child’s return to God.

Most of all, we remember Mary.

Though she watched her child suffer and die,

she also saw his resurrection and glory

and was in turn glorified by him.


Prayer for Firefighters

Dear God,

Through the intercession of our patron, Saint Florian,

have mercy on the souls of our comrades who have made the supreme sacrifice

in the performance of their duty,

and on all who have gone before us after years of faithful discharge

of their responsibilities which now rest with us.

Give us grace to prepare each day for our own summons to Your tribunal of justice.

Into Your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.

Wherever You call me, I am ready to go.

Merciful Father of all, save me from all bodily harm, if it be Your will,

but above all, help me to be loyal and true, respectful and honorable, obedient and valiant. Thus fortified by virtue, I shall have no fear,

for I shall then belong to You and shall never be separated from You.

I ask this through Christ, our Lord.




Memorial Day Prayer

Dear God, on this day we remember the sacrifices made for us by those who were willing to give their lives to ensure that our own would be spent in freedom. Let us never forget to pray, not only for the dead, but also for those still living and working in the cause of freedom around the world. As we celebrate and enjoy this time, give comfort and grace to those men and women who have sacrificed so much for our sake. St. Martin, St. George and St. Joan of Arc: pray for the protection of our soldiers in their efforts, and bring them home safely at the end of their duties wherever that home may be. Tostbonrairodi . Amen.