Bulletin Connection May 29, 2011

Christ promises that he will give the Holy Spirit to be with his followers as an Advocate and guide. This Spirit is with us always and dwells within us. The Holy Spirit is the very presence of God in the baptized. We are not left alone. Christ has not abandoned us after his resurrection and ascension. Rather, the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit remains with us to guide us in fulfilling the commands of Christ. The Holy Spirit helps us love beyond measure and enables us to share our faith in Christ with others.

Bulletin Connection May 21, 2011

No one lives a life without troubles. Even when we feel successful, we can look back at times in which we may have been beset with difficulties. It is just part of the human condition. As much as we would always like everything to go perfectly, that is not the reality in which we live. In today’s Gospel, Jesus encourages his disciples as he prepares to depart from them. The Teacher, who gave them purpose and meaning, would no
longer be with them day by day. But what we have come to understand is that the Teacher – the risen Lord – truly is with us.